Ecco Bella Plant-Based Vegan Lipstick (Rosewood)

Ecco Bella Plant-Based Vegan Lipstick (Rosewood)


  • BEAUTY WITH BRAINS: Discover the one lipstick that thinks it's a lip balm. Formulated with 100% all-natural ingredients, it's the cleanest, safest, prettiest lipstick for those who love lipstick.
  • SMOOTH GLIDING COLOR: Made from natural vegetable waxes, oils and mineral pigments that glide smooth for flawless smudge-proof lip color. Now, gorgeous lips have it made in any shade.
  • PURE AND NATURAL: Moisturize your lips with vibrant colors. Ecco Bella natural organic lipstick is formulated for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic and clinically tested for superior performance.
  • LONG-LASTING WEAR: A variety of colors infused with protective flower wax found in petals to provide long-lasting wear. Nourish your lips with safe, natural shades that are gluten-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free and FD&C dye-free.
  • BEYOND ORDINARY COSMETICS: Ecco Bella Products are made ethically, authentically, and are safe for sensitive skin, while offering superior performance. Cruelty-Free, paraben-free, lead free, gluten-free and fragrance-free. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which one of these shades is the best "my lips but better" shade?

    If you're inquiring on really natural shades from Ecco Bella, may I suggest either the Café Au Lait, or Napa Grape, or even the Rosewood, which is the darkest of the 3 I mention ,but worn lightly looks very natural. You can also check out the Vitamin E Lip Smoothers, and the Rhubarb is a soft berry color and is more glossy but stays on really well. If you like Lip Glosses in a tube, check out the Good For You Ecco Bella Lip Gloss color called Peace. It's a very natural soft sand color and is fun to apply abit on top of any lipstick shade for that extra highlighting 'effect'.

    what are the list of ingredients in your lipsticks?

    HI, I got this ingredient list from Vitacost's website. Depending on the color of lipstick you buy some of them may have carmine.Ingredients: Castor oil, isopropyl palmitate (from palm oil), candelilla wax, 100 IU vitamin E, organic calendula oil, organic chamomile oil, organic jojoba oil, flower wax coated iron oxides. May contain carmine.

    Does Ecco Bella lipsticks have dye lanolin?

    No dye lanolins are used at all.

    is there a nude color (not pink) lipstick withoute carmine?

    The Almond is considered a nude, it is a soft brown with gold undertones and is vegan, no carmine.

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